Sunday, 20 February 2011


Hi, I have not written a blog entry for a while. This is partly because
I have been lazy, partly because I don't have Internet on my PC at home
and partly because I have been rather busy.

This year kicked off with a bang.

I was asked to minister for a week long at Nico Malan High School in
Humansdorp on the subject, "Can I be single and happy?", while bringing
in a bit about self image at the same time. It went rather well, there
were only a few classes where it was difficult to speak at the rest
were well mannered and participated.

I have been trying to get a Blackberry phone, which would make updating
the blog painless. This has not happened yet.

I am busy learning how Peppermint Linux works, my main gripe has always
been that I have been unable to run Windows programs (specifically
Corel Draw and E-Sword) on Linux, but with the help of PlayOnLinux I am
able to run E-Sword. It's taken me years to get here, and it feels good
to have finally arrived.

I am preaching again this Sunday evening (27 February 2011), so if
anyone reading this would like to attend get down to the Stulting
Primary School Hall in Humansdorp at 18:30.