Wednesday, 1 December 2010

What is prayer

Everything has a reason. Before we can discuss the reason for prayer we
first need to look at what prayer is. Is it something that superstitious
people do, mumbling prayers and meaningless words and hoping for the best?

Prayer is real, it is connecting with God our Heavenly Father. Jesus
spent much time in prayer, why shouldn't we also?

Prayer is a conversation, it is a part of sharing our lives with God. If
we read the "Our Father" in Matthew 6:9-13 we see Jesus giving us an
example of what prayer is. We share our lives with God and invite God to
play an active role in our lives. It's not because God does not know
what we need or that we need it; it's for us to invite God to be a part
of our lives.

We change when we realize that we are not in control, when we invite God
to be part of our lives and to protect, provide and guide us. We become
humble and learn to rely on God, instead of ourselves.

Prayer isn't difficult, it isn't complicated. Simply put, prayer is
sharing your life with God. Are you happy, or sad? God wants to be a
part of your life! no matter what is happening to you right now, you
need to know that God loves you and wants to be a very real part of your

James 5:13 "is any one of you in trouble? He should pray. Is anyone
happy? Let him sing songs of praise." NIV

Prayer takes time, we need to set time aside for prayer as there are any
distractions trying to keep us away from spending time on our knees. God
is not reluctant to answer us:

Jeremiah 33:3 "Call to me and will answer you and tell you great and
unsearchable things you do not know." NIV

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