Monday, 19 November 2012

A Poem

The following is quoted from John Cox book, "Googling God", one of the books that I am currently reading:

The flashlight said
I have no need of batteries
And instead became little Emily's piggy bank
Filled with a few measly coins
And never once did it ever
Shine a single ray of light
Through the darkness
To illuminate at all

The car said
I don't need wheels
I feel quite complete like this
And became a shack of sorts
Perched on discarded bricks
And never once moved an inch to explore
The so much more
Beyond the horizon of the road
Outside rusting doors

The man on the earth said
I don't need God
And stubbornly wandered
On his self-guided tour
Stumbling through a world
He failed to understand
And never tasted or glimpsed eternity
Or felt embraced by the love
His heart so yearned to know

What a beautiful poem, just felt like sharing.

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