Friday, 24 April 2015

Stop, never again - Part 10

In closing:

Only you can renew your mind. It is your mind and God will not force you to change it. You may be challenged to change your perception, but ultimately it is your choice in every situation how you will react - in faith or - in the flesh. 
Many people miss a mighty move of God in their lives as they refuse to overcome their “never again list.” Stopped permanently in front of these road blocks instead of advancing past them and allowing God to use them. 
I want to testify, but I am scared. I want to win people for God, but what will my friends think of me? If there are things standing between you and God then YOU are keeping them there. God has given us His Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But only you can choose to live for God and to overcome the roadblocks on the road of your life. 

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