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Holy Spirit Puppet Show - Pat van Wyk


Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6
Lesson 7

Holy Spirit

Lesson 1

Tinkie + Pinkie: Hello everybody! How are you today?
Wait for response…

Tinkie: Children do you know who the Holy Spirit is?
(Wait) Our lesson over the next four weeks is all about the Holy Spirit.

Pinkie: Yes tell us more please. Do tell!

Tinkie: To begin with the Holy Spirit is one part of the Godhead.
There is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit

Pinkie: Oh, now there are 3 gods?

Tinkie: No man, Pinkie there is only one God, but all 3 are one. We call it the Trinity. Jesus refers to the trinity in Matthew 28:19.

Pinkie: Oh uhm…

Tinkie: Let me explain. Water also has 3 parts but cannot be separated. It still stays water, water can be ice, steam or water.

Pinkie: Yes, I know if you freeze water it becomes ice.
When you boil water it becomes steam and when you open the tap it is water.

Tinkie: Yes Pinkie, you understand very well,

Pinkie: I am excited to learn more Tinkie, I can’t wait for next week. That’s all for this week. Bye-Bye. Be good.

Tinkie: Bye for now, the Holy Spirit be with you!

Holy Spirit

Lesson 2

Pinkie: Good morning, who has had a great week? (wait) 
Where is Tinkie?, let us call him. Tinkie, Tinkie, Tinkie ….

(Tinkie  jumps up) Hi everybody! I have been reading about the Holy Spirit and I want to tell you more about Him today.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the garden, God made a plan to rescue us.

Pinkie: A plan, what plan? (talking slowly)

Tinkie: In John 3:16 Jesus came to save us from sin and to give us eternal life.

Pinkie: Yes to give us everlasting life. (saying it quickly)

Tinkie: Children because Jesus died on the cross his blood has washed us clean from sin.

Pinkie: No man, that doesn’t sound right, blood is red and how can it wash us clean? 

Tinkie: Pinkie, children it simply means that we are forgiven of our sins and if we receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior in our hearts then we become children of God and we can call God, Father.

Pinkie: I know that because we spoke about it in the Jesus Who series. When Jesus went to heaven He sent us the Holy Spirit. So that we will never be alone again.

Tinkie: Yes that’s right, children do you know where to find the Holy Spirit? (Wait for response) If I asked you his address, what would you say? Do you know Pinkie?

Pinkie: Uhm … Uhm.

Tinkie: Let’s see what do you say children. (wait for response)
His address is your heart. The Bible teaches us that when you receive Jesus as Lord and Savior of your life the Holy Spirit comes into your heart and lives there.

Pinkie: I am not alone anymore, anymore! (singing it)

Tinkie: Let’s read a scripture together

Hebrews 13:5 "I will never leave you nor forsake you." NKJV

John 14:26  "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all things that I said to you.” NKJV

Pinkie: Yes, I said so we are never alone anymore, and the Holy Spirit is our Helper. Bye – Bye.

Tinkie: Bye – the Holy Spirit be with you.

Holy Spirit

Lesson 3

Tinkie: Good morning children, (calling) come on Pinkie!

Pinkie: (Out of breath) Hello everybody, you are all looking so lovely today. What are we going to do today, Tinkie?

Tinkie:  I want to tell you more about the Holy Spirit, so let’s start.

The Holy Spirit helps us to understand the Bible so that the Word of God can become alive in our hearts.

Pinkie: Tinkie, I know something you don’t.

Tinkie: Oh, what?

Pinkie: We are also made up of 3 parts; we are spirit, soul & body.

We are a spirit, we have a soul and we live in a body.

Tinkie: Pinkie, I think you are getting to clever. Yes our Spirit helps us to talk to God, the Holy Spirit helps us to witness about Jesus’ love & triumph.

Pinkie: L-o-v-e & t-r-i-u-m-p-h.

Tinkie: Let us read a scripture and ask the Holy Spirit to help us understand it. John 15:26-27

Pinkie: Tinkie, can I ask you something?

Tinkie: Yes, what is it?

Pinkie: What does witness mean?

Tinkie: It means to go and tell, something that makes you happy.
Then you want to tell everybody about it.

Pinkie: So when I read something exciting in the Bible I want to go tell about it.

Tinkie: That’s right, we must learn to become witnesses for Jesus.                                                                                          
Pinkie: I am going to witness to others now. Have a nice day. Be good. Bye-Bye.

Tinkie: Have a nice day Bye-Bye.

The Holy Spirit be with you!

Holy Spirit

Lesson 4

Pinkie & Tinkie: (together) Good morning – Good morning.

Pinkie: Tinkie, please tell us more of the Holy Spirit.

Tinkie: Okay, Here goes. The Holy Spirit has very important things that He does, He leads, guides & protects us. The Holy Spirit also wants to be your friend.

Pinkie: Yes, our best friend.

Tinkie: The Holy Spirit helps us to live in the truth.
If you tell a lie, there is a small voice inside of you that tells you that’s not true.

Pinkie: Is that Him?

Tinkie: Yes, He is a person - even if you can’t see him.

Pinkie: Oh, is He a ghost?

Tinkie: No Pinkie man! He is real and He carries our prayers to Jesus.

Pinkie: Oh now I know, when we sing we feel this kind of peace that fills us.

Tinkie: You described that perfectly Pinkie.
He also does two special things.

Pinkie: Really? He does so much already.

Tinkie:  Yes, He gives us blessings & spiritual gifts.

Pinkie: Oh, what kind of gifts are they?

Tinkie: Gifts to make you special, gifts to hear Gods voice and to pray directly to God. Kids it’s been fun, there was lots to learn & remember today.

Pinkie: Have a nice day, be good!

Both dolls greeting. Bye-Bye.

Tinkie: The Holy Spirit be with you, bye!

Holy Spirit

Lesson 5

(Both dolls enter)

Pinkie: Good morning.

Tinkie: Hi, who is all here today.(mention some names)

Pinkie: I have a question to ask you, Tinkie?

Tinkie: Well let’s hear it then.

Pinkie: I have been baptized, do I have the Holy Spirit?

Tinkie: Yes, you received the Holy Spirit in your heart when you received Jesus and when you get baptized in water, Jesus washes away the past and makes you new.

Pinkie: Yes He makes you new and lives in you.

Tinkie: The next step is to be baptized by the Holy Spirit.

Pinkie: Oh, but I am baptized in water.

Tinkie: No, with prayer.

Pinkie: So first He lives in you, then He lives with you & then through you.

Tinkie: That’s right, you receive Jesus, then you get baptized in water and He lives with you. Then through prayer we ask him to take over our lives and we talk in tongues.

Pinkie: What is that?

Tinkie: When we talk in a language that only Jesus understands.

Pinkie: I read a book by Benny Hinn and He says Good morning to the Holy Spirit everyday so that the Holy Spirit can help him

Tinkie: Yes, the Holy Spirit has to become his friend and help him everyday. Children so do we need the Holy Spirit everyday. Make Him your friend today.

That’s all for now, see you next time.

Pinkie: Bye Bye!

Tinkie: The Holy Spirit be with you!

Holy Spirit

Lesson 6

Tinkie: Morning, where is Pinkie? 

Pinkie: (Come in singing) I’m over here.
Good morning.

Tinkie: Pinkie you are happy, tell us all why you are so happy.

Pinkie: I want to do everything I learn, I want to be a doer and not only a hearer.

Tinkie: So please, tell us then.

James 1:23-24 "If you listen to the word, but do not put it into practice you are like people who look in a mirror … They take a good look at themselves and then go away and at once forget what they look like." GNB

Tinkie: Wow! How can someone look into the mirror and forget what He looks like? Imagine that!

Pinkie: I want to tell you something else. This morning I said good morning to the Holy Spirit and I invited Him to be my helper.

Tinkie: Gee wiz Pinkie that’s a nice thing to do, I’m proud of you.

Pinkie: I feel great friends. I walk, talk and sing with him.
Tinkie: I hope you have understood what we have been talking about children.

Pinkie: I do, I do!

Tinkie: Pinkie, let’s say Good Bye    

The Holy Spirit be with you!

Holy Spirit

Lesson 7

(Both dolls) Greet.

Tinkie: We are going to summarize today to see what you can remember.

Pinkie: Okay let us start

Tinkie: Kids, in the beginning the Holy Spirit was the one of what?    (wait)

Pinkie: I know I know. 

Tinkie: Wait, give the children a chance Pinkie, who knows?

Pinkie: Yes that’s right or I’ll help: one of the Godhead.

Tinkie: Remember 3 in one,
God the Father
God the Son
God the Holy Spirit.

Pinkie: Who raised Jesus from the dead?
                   (wait) (comment) or help

Tinkie: That’s right the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit helps us to understand something, what is it? (wait help to respond or encourage)

Pinkie: Help us to understand the Bible.

Tinkie: You are all too clever this morning.

Pinkie: Can I do this one, Tinkie?

Tinkie: Okay

Pinkie: When we talk about Jesus it is called something and the Holy Spirit helps us to do it (Wait) Yes, witnessing

Tinkie: Yes we just want to talk about how good God is to us.

Pinkie: The Holy Spirit also helps us in all our decisions so we must learn to ask him. He is also called the comforter, because He comforts us.

Tinkie: Well children our prayer is that you will all learn to get to know the Holy Spirit well and as a friend. We have had fun every week.

Pinkie: We hope you have enjoyed it with us, we love you.

Tinkie: The Holy Spirit be with you.       

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