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To Be Like Jesus - Pat van Wyk

Belvedere and Jo-Jo Greet.

My name is Belvedere hello kids.

And my name is Jo-Jo kids hello.

Belvedere: (Singing) I'm on a mission
I want to walk with Jesus
I want to talk to Jesus

Jo-Jo: What are you on about this time Belvedere? I thought we are on a mission?
We belong to Jesus and we must go tell!

Belvedere: Yes! But there is so much more. (singing) I have a mission.
             I have a vision.

Jo-Jo: (Singing I have a...) you have got me doing it now.

Belvedere: (singing) I have a mission
                                  I have a purpose!

Jo-Jo: Wait! Wait Belvedere what has a mission got to do with purpose?

Belvedere: I am so excited Jo-Jo...

Jo-Jo: (interrupting) I also want to be excited, tell us what are you excited about, the kids and I want to know, right kids(wait for a response)

Belvedere: Okay, if you will give me a chance, uhm where do I start?

Jo-Jo: B e l vedere. (pulling it out)

Belvedere: Okay! Okay! I was at a kids club meeting and they were talking about purpose.

Jo-Jo: Purpose? uhmmm.

Belvedere: Yes do you know what your purpose is Jo-Jo?

Jo-Jo: Yes, to play and to go play..
Belvedere: What is your vision?

Jo-Jo: But I don't need my eyes tested, my vision
is good, there nothing wrong with my eyes.

Belvedere: Not that kind of vision, Jo-Jo. Vision means you have something on your heart you want to do and purpose means you want to do it.

Jo-Jo: Okay, I get the picture, tell us more.

Belvedere: Well the leader at the meeting was telling us about Jesus and the Love of God.

Jo-Jo: Like that song we sing, let us sing it.

Belvedere: 1,2,3 I love Jesus yes I do
                            I love Jesus yes I do
                            He is the son of God
Let's do it again...x2

Belvedere: So where was I (thinking) The leader was telling us about Jesus and the kind of man He was and how He travelled around with His disciples.

Jo-Jo: Belvedere? Did they go by car?

Belvedere: No man, they had to walk.

Jo-Jo: Walk? Why?

Belvedere: In those days cars had not been invented yet!

Jo-Jo: And buses?

Belvedere: No, no buses either nor aeroplanes!

Jo-Jo: wow! No aeroplanes.

Belvedere: Jesus many times slept in the fields under a tree with a big fire for wild animals.

Jo-Jo: Wild animals? No.
Belvedere: Sometimes people would give them place to sleep.

Jo-Jo: Sleeping under the stars and walking I didn't know all these things Belvedere?

Belvedere: Let me tell you more. Jesus often went one side to pray. He would walk a little way away from everybody to be alone to pray to His Father in heaven.

Jo-Jo: Can I ask you something?

Belvedere: Yes!

Jo-Jo: If Jesus prayed then so must we hey?

Belvedere: Yes, Jo-Jo Jesus was truly an example to us as he went about His Fathers business.

Jo-Jo: Why? What did He sell? Kids do you know if He sold anything? (wait for response)

Belvedere: Wait, Wait now God sent Jesus on a mission.

Jo-Jo: Yes! And what was that?

Belvedere: It says so in the Bible. In John chapter 3 verse 16 "God loved us so much that he gave His only Son Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him will go to heaven". He was on a mission.

Jo-Jo: So is that what you were singing about. I'm on a mission, I have a purpose.

Belvedere: Exactly!Let's sing it together:
I'm on a mission
I have a vision
I have a purpose x2

Jo-Jo: I want to be on a mission too.

Belvedere: Jo-Jo, what do you want to become when you grow up?

Jo-Jo: I want to be a Doctor!

Belvedere: Then you must learn hard and go to college. That's having a vision and your purpose is to study and get there.

Jo-Jo: (singing) I want to be a Doctor x2

Belvedere: I want to be like Jesus. I want to pray for people to get healed and tell them of God's love.

Jo-Jo: I feel better now! (slowly) But what if ...

Belvedere: What if, what?

Jo-Jo: What if I want to be a lawyer?

Belvedere: That's okay, you can.
Jo-Jo: But what if?...

Belvedere: Jo-Jo you need to pray about it.

Jo-Jo: Okay! I will.

Belvedere: You need to ask God to help you to decide what does He want you to become. You might be surprised.

Jo-Jo: Surprised!?

Belvedere: Yes surprised! Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 11 says "For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future".

Jo-Jo: I am so excited God has got plans for me.(proudly)
Belvedere: Sometimes it surprises us because God has bigger and better plans for us than what we think.

Jo-Jo: I want to be more like Jesus too. I want to find out Gods plans for me?

Belvedere: God has great plans for you and I.

Jo-Jo: Can I ask you something?

Belvedere: Yes.

Jo-Jo: You said I must pray, then how will I know what God says?
Belvedere: Mmm... Sometimes you know a thing is wrong but you do it anyway?

Jo-Jo: Yes!

Belvedere: Then why do you do it?

Jo-Jo: Because I just want to.

Belvedere: Yes, but that's not wise.

Jo-Jo: uhmm... its selfish.

Belvedere: Do you know what really made me sing? It was because I was happy.

Jo-Jo: What?

Belvedere: I know that God loves me and Jesus died for me and now I know that God has big plans for me. Let's sing I love Jesus yes I do
1,2,3 I love Jesus yes I do
         I love Jesus yes I do
         He is the Son of God x2

Jo-Jo: Yes, yes!

Belvedere: He will let me feel bad if I go the wrong way then I will know I must turn and go  the right way and then I am happy.

Jo-Jo: Sad wrong way? Happy right way! I got it.

Belvedere: Let sing: I've got a vision
                                 I've got a purpose x2

Jo-Jo: Belvedere what do you want to be when you grow up?

Belvedere: I want to travel all over the world.

Jo-Jo: Really (long) take me too.

Belvedere: I want to be a missionary.

Jo-Jo: A miss – ion – ary? What's that?

Belvedere: I want to go all over the world to tell everybody that God loves them because that's what Jesus did.

Jo-Jo: And tell them about Jesus...?

Belvedere: Yes!

Jo-Jo: And praying for them?

Belvedere: Yes, I love to pray!

Jo-Jo: Yes, Jesus had vision and purpose.

Belvedere: Yes, He did.
Jo-Jo: Will you take me with next time you go to Sunday school or kids club?

Belvedere: You are welcome Jo-Jo, its fun!

Jo-Jo: What do you do there that is so much fun?

Belvedere: Well (thinking) first we sing.

Jo-Jo: I love to sing!

Belvedere: And then we learn all about Jesus from the Bible.

Jo-Jo: I want to learn too, I want to be like Jesus!

Belvedere: Just before we are finished we pray for one another.

Jo-Jo: So is that where the mission stuff starts?
I think I like it.

Belvedere: I suppose you could say that, because the more you read the Bible and learn about Jesus  
the more you love Him. Let's sing I'm on a mission 1,2,3 I'm on a mission, I'm on a mission,
I'm on a mission for Jesus. x2

Jo-Jo: I know, I know John chapter 3 verse 16.

Belvedere: Jo-Jo, you are getting clever!
Jo-Jo: Well I never thought about this stuff before.
Belvedere: (surprised) Really!

Jo-Jo: Yes, I just wanted to play all the time, I didn't have a purpose.
Let's sing: I'm on a mission 
                 I have a vision
                 I have a purpose
Let's all do it together x2

Belvedere: That was fun Jo-Jo, a lot of people die and never know about Jesus, or their vision and purpose in life.

Jo-Jo: That really makes me sad. I want to read my Bible and sing about Jesus everyday. Let us sing another song Belvedere?

Belvedere: Let me teach you a great song listen:
I love to sing to Jesus everything
I love to sing to Jesus everything
He is my Lord I love Him so
I love to sing to Jesus everything.
Let's ask Andy to play the guitar and sing with us.
I love to sing to Jesus everything
I love to sing to Jesus everything
He is my Lord I love Him so
I love to sing to Jesus everything.
Let us sing it again.

Jo-Jo: Let's sing: I'm on a mission
Let's sing it together come on kids and Belvedere
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission for Jesus x2

Belvedere: Andy sing with us I belong to Jesus please. I belong to Jesus
            I belong to Jesus
            I belong to Jesus
            He is the Son of God. x2
Belvedere is still speaking: Kids, Jo-Jo this has been fun, it is time to say good bye.

Jo-Jo: Yes, this has been fun we have enjoyed every minute.

Belvedere: We certainly have and we are on a mission.
Both dolls: Singing We are on a mission.
Bye-Bye, Bye – Bye We love you Bye - Bye.

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